What Will Be the Design Trends of 2019?


January is the time of year when new resolutions are pursued. It is a chance to make changes in life because there is a new journey on the horizon. 

That also means it is the time of year when new designs take over.

The 2018 design trends involved bold accent rugs, lots of sparkly wallpaper, and high-gloss lacquer being applied to almost everything. With 2019 here to stay, these are the ideas that homeowners are going to pursue with just as much passion.

#1. Darker Colors

Although pastels made a big splash in 2018 after over 60 years of obscurity from American homes, their time in the limelight is already over. They have become so prevalent in recent trends that rooms are moving toward bolder, richer colors with deeper tones. People are moving away from fantasy ideas to become grounded in realistic design. That means you’ll see fewer patterns and more recognizable forms in each color.

#2. Old-Fashioned Decorative Accents

Colored glass items will become a trend in 2019 thanks to the handmade nature of these accessories. Anything which creates a unique look for a customized interior (without a high price) will become a top priority for designers. Consumers will start to look at patterned lampshades once again, while chandeliers, glassware, and pendants will begin to draw inspiration from vintage styles once again.

#3. Added Complexity

The past few years for linens, draperies, and sheets have involved plain, neutral colors that offer complementary appeal to the bold designs found around them. As 2019 rolls along, look for these elements to switch roles. Gone are the patterned wallpapers for paints with jeweled tones. Look for the textiles to add more complexity to their designs, encouraging year-round use with added versatility.

#4. Smart Technologies

More homeowners will look for affordable ways to add intelligence to their houses during 2019. Watch for individual upgrades to be the trend. A complete renovation might be out of the budget, but an upgrade to a Nest Thermostat or a Ring doorbell could offer an extra level of savings or security that the property requires. Smart light bulb technologies create human-element lighting advantages that can change the atmosphere of the home as well.

#5. Area Rugs

Look for the area rugs of 2019 to take on more nature-inspired forms and geometric shapes to push the envelope of interior design. The designs, no matter what pile is used for the product, will try to incorporate local landscapes and colors to provide a supportive element to their entire space. Watch for designers to use these items as the foundation of a new look whenever a remodeling project occurs.

#6. Ceramics

Minimalism might be here to stay, but there is now an emphasis on excess as well – especially with ceramic pieces. Look for bright, bold, custom pieces to become the emphasis for designs in the coming year. Playful shapes will work with vivid colors to create a one-of-a-kind look.

These are the design trends to expect for 2019. Which ones do you plan to add to your home in the coming year? 

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