The Best-Looking Furniture to Use for Small Spaces


If you live in a small space, then your furniture must maximize what is available to make that area as usable as possible. That means each item must often serve a dual purpose. These are the items which will help you multitask without sacrificing all of your room to walk around.

#1. Blue Dot: Modu-licious

This bed frame helps you to keep your clothing and linens neatly organized underneath the structure. It comes with powder-coated steel drawers, offered in an array of colors that you can mix or match, to eliminate the need for a wardrobe or dresser in your bedroom.

#2. West Elm: Fishs Eddy Dining Table

If you need a table for daily use that takes up minimal room, while offering expansion when guests are over, then consider this affordable option. The standard configuration can seat three people comfortably. Add in the leaf to create space for up to 6 with elbow room to spare.

#3. Ambivalenz: Flapps State Secretary

You won’t believe how small this compact desk happens to be. You affix it to your wall, which then allows you to fold down the work surface when there is something you need to do. The interior compartment will store supplies, notes, and even a small tablet computer if desired. When you’re finished working, just fold it up, and it will stay out of your way.

#4. JDS Architects: Modular Shelving

Small spaces use modular shelving all the time for a specific reason. You can expand it as needed, rearrange it when your needs change, and only purchase what is necessary at any given time. This system comes in fun colors and different shapes to create a one-of-a-kind look for your home.

#5. Good Thing: Stool

Even though this stool seems industrial and ordinary, it does offer one tremendous advantage: it stacks. That means you can take out whatever you need at any given moment without taking up a lot of your storage space. You can keep your floor plan open better too when your home only needs to accommodate you. 

#6. CB2: Peekaboo Acrylic Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are a must-have item when you are working with a small space. You receive three surfaces with this set to work instead of only one, allowing you to expand or contract as necessary. The see-through design also means less overall visual clutter for your space when compared to other options.

#7. Industry West: Stratos Sofa

Sectional sofas are the epitome of luxury when considering seating options for small spaces. You can get rid of the bulky armchairs while still offering lots of comforts all around. This option gives you enough space to stretch out, take a nap, or accommodate guests when you’re hosting a get-together.

Small spaces always benefit from Murphy designs to save on space as well, with their distinctive fold-out features making it possible to store a bed on a wall or a table in a sofa. Choose options like these to maximize your room, and you will find that it can be a lot of fun to look forward to a day of lounging around at home. 

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