Throw Pillows: The One Item that Fixes Every Look


If you want a simple and easy way to decorate a room, then a throw pillow will do all of the work for you. They offer texture, color, and a dash of whatever seasonal influences you want for your home.

Throw pillows get a lot of love because of their versatility. They are the one item that fixes every look for your interior in some way.

That doesn’t mean everyone appreciates them – especially men. Pillow aversion isn’t a make-believe concept or a joke.

There is some truth to the idea that guys don’t understand why a bed needs eight different pillows.

Why Are Throw Pillows Hated Like They Are?

The people who love using throw pillows for their interior looks don’t understand why there are some who hate them with a passion.

There is a simple answer. Some people don’t know what to do with a throw pillow once they are removed from their location.

Although you can use these pillows for comfort and support almost anywhere, there is an aversion to putting them back once they are used. You must replace them to restore the look of your interior.

Then you must wash them to ensure that they don’t make the interior look filthy or unkempt. You can’t throw them into the washing machine either (although you can with some), which means extra work must be done to give them a bath.

Bill Herren, Creative Director of Woodard, designs throw pillows as part of his job responsibilities for the outdoor furniture manufacturer. His solution to the cleaning issue is rather simple: throw them on the floor and hose them down, especially if they are made with outdoor fabrics.

How to Manage a Room Full of Throw Pillows

If you have a room full of throw pillows, then it is true that they can turn into a giant mess right away. One of the easiest ways to get a handle on that mess is to give them a catch area where they can all become part of the design while still being a little disorganized.

You can also incorporate a drop space for them next to chairs, couches, or beds where you can place unwanted pillows in baskets. Then replace them when you move on – or let them sit in the basket on their own.

If you make seasonal changes with your throw pillows, then a good investment idea is to use some space saver bags for all the spares. You can place them into the product, then remove all of the air with a vacuum, to compress them into a manageable size.

For homes with kids or pets, using durable pillows made with outdoor fabrics is your best solution.

Even though shapes, sizes, and designs are essential elements to a throw pillow look, you must also consider the comfort of the product. If a throw pillow is not useable for anything other than decoration, then you will find more resistance than acceptance in its inclusion.

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