This Plant Canopy Idea Takes Your Bedroom to the Next Level


Incorporating houseplants into your home’s interior design plans is always an A++ idea. You can add elements of comforting greenery to any room as they filter the air to remove pollutants.

It is an idea that is more affordable than an air purifier, requires less ongoing maintenance, and makes your home become Instagram-friendly.

Now is the time to take this trend to the next level. Instead of placing your succulents into empty corners, try adding some climbing vines to the bedroom. This process will create a natural canopy when you have a four-post frame bed that will offer a natural look while you still benefit from the presence of houseplants in the room.

How to Complete the #Jungalo Look

You don’t need to be a houseplant expert to start working on this plant canopy idea. It is a project that is perfect for beginners because you only need to find plants that incorporate two personality traits.

  • They must want to climb up your furniture naturally while growing.
  • The plants should not mind receiving some contact as you change the sheets and blankets every so often.

Almost any climbing vine that loves partial sunshine will work for this project. The two which tend to work the best are Pothos and Philodendrons. If you don’t mind putting in a little extra work, then a spiderwort will grow quickly for you too. They are commonly known as inchplants.

The advantage of choosing the inchplant is that you will have festive purple colors in your canopy instead of the usual green. They are winter-hardy too, plus you can grow new ones from the shoots that grow around your furniture.

How to Begin Your Plant Canopy

All you need to do to take advantage of this trend is to place your climbing vines or spidering plants in the correct spot. Some may require a little extra encouragement to begin growing.

You can place them in planters on the floor, on overhead beams by your bed, or on shelving that is present in the room. Direct the plants as they grow to cascade around the areas where the extra greenery is desired. You can even tie the vines with jute to keep them in place while training the plant to build natural strength for self-support.

Before you start this project, it is a good idea to look at the specifications of your bed frame (if incorporated in your canopy design) to ensure that it can withstand the weight of the houseplants.

If you choose from one of the three plant options listed here, then it takes more work to kill them than it does to have them thrive. They love indirect natural light, want to be a little dry between watering sessions, and only need some attention about once per week.

Avoid spills on your bedding by incorporating something below the plants to catch extra liquids, like a shallow tray. You can also place them into pots that do not contain holes if you incorporate some drainage into the soil structure.

It will not take long to create the bedroom oasis you’ve always dreamt about. Get started today, then share your pictures once you have the perfect look!

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