Instagram Friendly Museums Are Coming to a Community Near You


You can tour the wndr museum, occupying a former three-story office building in Chicago, where experiences make it possible for imagination and beauty to meet. You can enjoy a zero-gravity ball pit, try the future food studio, or make your way through the Infinity Room and its numerous mirrors.

As you go through this entire experience, you’re invited to post all the images you take on Instagram.

The wndr museum is following a trend that many others are trying as Millennials grow up. If sharing is caring, then why not create an experience that is Instagram-friendly?

Instagram Provides More Than Evidence of a Visit

What makes the idea of an Instagram-friendly museum intriguing is that it promises to offer you an experience that can only be shared online. For many households today, especially ones headed by the twenty-something crowd, that is the only experience which matters.

Traditional museums have tried numerous ways to get people to walk through their doors in recent years. Some have looked to Snapchat or Facebook as a way to reach a wider audience. Even miniature golf courses have been installed to encourage a visit.

Yet the visual appeal of placing a spectacular photograph on Instagram has its own rewards. It is an idea that follows in the footsteps of the museums who catered to 35mm enthusiasts in the past, like the Neon Museum in Las Vegas or the Storm King Art Center in New York. 

It’s not just museums who are discovering that Instagram offers the potential for more foot traffic. Other organizations that cater to tourism or daily visitors are following this trend too.

Once such example can be found at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

Changing How People think About Zoos

The Greater Vancouver Zoo is the home to orphaned, rescued, or donated animals where natural eco-systems and conservation research are a top priority. The property covers about 120 acres, providing a home to over 140 animal species.

Along the walking trails of the zoo, you will find various boards that look like an Instagram frame. You can then step behind the structure, take a selfie, and then post the fact that you’re at the zoo on your social media profile. 

This marketing push combines with a behind-the-scenes experience where you can receive animal artwork from bears, foxes, or even a porcupine. You’ll receive a mug, a key chain with your preferred animal, and a private feeding opportunity for two.

If you get the chance to personally feed a bear, then how is that not the perfect opportunity to post something on Instagram?

Just as the human experience looks to collaborate with robotics and artificial intelligence, the online social experience seeks to combine with events you get to enjoy in real-life situations. That’s why the rise of the Instagram museum (or other opportunities) will continue to march on.

When people share their fun, then it creates another way for each business to reach out to new demographics. That means there are more opportunities to expand the brand. 

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