5 Home Tech Options for Interior Design


If you are thinking about a remodeling project for your house, then it might be time to think about an upgrade to a “smart” home. Designers are discovering that these technologies can help you make the most out of every room. 

Whether you focus on the kitchen, your bathroom, or you want to tackle the entire house as your project, then upgrading your home tech will increase your convenience and curb appeal.

Even with these benefits available, only 30% of interior designers current recommend smart home technologies to their clientele. When you know about these options, then you can help to change this trend.

#1. Frame Televisions

Have you seen Samsung’s Frame TV? It offers 4K resolution with HDR Pro to create a look that feels almost lifelike. The graphics quality makes for a wonderful viewing experience when you want to watch a movie with the family. You can also turn it to an “Art Mode” which features an LED gallery-quality piece that looks like authentic artwork. You can then mat and frame the picture, display personal photos, and then watch the big game.

#2. Palladiom by Lutron

These wallstations give you more control over your lighting by controlling switches, drapes, and your HVAC system from one centralized location. The product comes with a surface mount, so you don’t need to worry about a backbox installation. It offers buttons which are large and easy to use, creating a coordinating visual aesthetic in a variety of colors to match most interiors. That makes it possible to make your home smarter without creating various hubs for each intelligent technology.

#3. Smart Light Bulbs

Human-centric lighting is the focus of modern interior design. Instead of putting in lights and fixtures wherever with a 60w light bulb to provide a harsh glow, there is an emphasis on creating different tones for your unique moods. By installing smart bulbs that contain 16 million color options, you can route your mood through your smartphone app or home hub to create the perfect atmosphere.

#4. Smart Thermostats

Nest started the smart thermostat revolution with their first-generation product that could help you save money by being more efficient with your utilities. This company is still on the forefront of innovation for home tech, offering you access to several new features with their latest model to help you reduce your energy footprint. One of the best reasons to consider this upgrade is that if you are replacing a traditional thermostat, the product will eventually pay for itself.

#5. Whole-House Connections

75% of interior designers say that the most critical element of the modern home is easy internet access. Only smart appliances and control over kitchen systems are considered more vital to the modern homeowner. That means incorporating home tech which can sense where Wi-Fi signals are weak, then make adjustments to boost them so that everyone can stream as they please.

The Internet of Things changes how we perceive our homes. Get started with your home tech upgrades to see all of the potential benefits which are waiting for you. 

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