How to Survive a Kitchen Remodeling Project


If your kitchen needs to go through a remodeling project to serve your current and future needs, then surviving that process can be a challenge.

Even a small renovation can create a crazy, expensive experience. If you’re eating at a restaurant each night, then you can quickly go through your remodeling budget without having much to show for it.

That’s why proactive planning will help you enjoy some home-cooked meals even while your kitchen is out of commission.

Here are some ways that you can make life more comfortable during this project.

#1. Store and Label Your Items

Keep the kitchen utensils that are used all of the time in clear plastic storage containers during your project. Then label each one to know what items are stashed where. Box up anything that you don’t use very often, and then store it in your garage, shed, or some other out-of-the-way location.

#2. Cook Ahead of Time

If you still have access to a freezer during your kitchen remodeling project, then bake some big meals ahead of time. You can then divvy it up into smaller portions that are easier to prepare in a temporary space. It is even possible to defrost single meal portions in the microwave to have something home-cooked during this time.

#3. Create a New Kitchen

Set up an alternative kitchen in a different room of your home. The garage is usually the best option, but it can be anywhere that you have close access to a sink. Then you can use your old cabinets and a sheet of plywood to create a working space to use. Portable stoves can even help you to cook in this space – assuming that you have proper venting.

#4. Barbecue in Warm Weather

If your kitchen remodeling happens during the summer months, then enjoy the benefits of grilling your food while your space is out of commission. Some cookware will adapt to this change in cooking. If you’re concern about the soot leaving permanent stains, then rub bar soap on the bottom and side of each pot. The dark marks will scrub right off afterward.

#5. Be a Coupon Clipper

If you know when your kitchen will be out of commission, then start clipping coupons to local restaurants beforehand as a way to save some money too. Then you can begin to budget your meals with greater accuracy while working with the family schedule, ensuring that you can afford each meal without a struggle.

#6. Use Your Calendar

Use the calendar, bulletin board, or whiteboard in your kitchen that tracks your schedule to provide updates on the overall project. Take photographs each day, then make a checklist whenever specific tasks are completed. This idea will help to keep everyone’s frustration levels down because they can see progress toward the final goal.

Going through a kitchen remodeling project can be a challenge, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience with enough proactive planning. Use these ideas to survive that experience, then enjoy the reward of a new kitchen in the coming days!

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