Biggest Time Consumers During a Remodeling Project


Although a remodeling project would stick to its budget and schedule in a perfect world, we do not live in such a place. These renovations can become time-consuming monsters. Even if you decide to paint a room on your own or hire a team to rework your space, the time commitments involved always seem to be more than anticipated.

If you have these elements included as part of your plans, then you can expect an even longer wait before the renovation will finally be over.

#1. Custom Cabinets

Having cabinetry which meets your exact needs is like a dream come true for homeowners. It will help you take advantage of the unique space while you get the storage and visual aesthetics that you’ve always wanted. It might sound nice, but this option comes with a steep price. Make sure the details of your cabinetry are finalized before the project begins. Then you can have the custom items go into production while all of the other work takes place.

Since the custom cabinets are built from scratch, you must also stay in constant communication with the builder to ensure everyone is talking with each other for when the final installation process needs to happen. Specialty items will always take the most time.

#2. Custom Windows and Doors

Wanting to replace your old leaky windows and doors with energy-efficient models makes a lot of sense. It will help to keep your home better insulate, allow your HVAC system to operate efficiently, and that combination helps you to save some cash.

Many homes have custom sizing that owners aren’t aware of until the measurements are taking place. You could opt to replace older customized windows with new standard ones, but then that would require additional construction to enlarge or reduce the opening.

Sliding windows and doors that fit outside of the standard sizing tend to take the most time for the manufacturer. They’re worth the wait and the cost, but the delays could be quite long.

#3. Specialty Items

Custom items don’t apply to the big-ticket additions you want to add to your home. There are specialty accessories which require a long lead time as well when you’re trying to complete a remodeling project. 

The worst offenders in this category are plumbing fixtures and hardware. If you want something that is different than the standard chrome, nickel, or brass, then you could face a long wait for the item. 

Black nickel is the worst offender here since it requires custom plating. Anything that fits outside of the ordinary, even if it is just a size discrepancy, is going to shift the timeline for your project.

Notice the pattern here? If you want high levels of customization for your home, then you will have a time investment to plan for in addition to the monetary cost of each item. The end result will almost always be lovely, but it can take some time for you to see your dreams turned into reality. 

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