Retro Decorating Ideas That Are Making Modern Statements


Fashion always tends to be cyclical. What was in style a decade ago will likely make another appearance in the near future. If you want long enough, everything old will once again become new.

Retro decorating ideas always try to take the best of what was around in previous generations, add a flair of nostalgia to it, and then update it with some modern context. If you want to brighten up the look of your home in the coming year, then these are the trends which are the most popular right now.

#1. Bright Geometric Patterns

Retro decorating with colorful geometric patterns is moving away from the walls and counters to the floors and accessories. Look for framed artwork, throws, and pillows which offer lively impact patterns in small doses to your interior design. Work them in with complementary colors to add some extra life to a room without being over-the-top like many of the models from the 1960s.

Try adding a small rug with bold colors and your favorite geometric shapes to create a modern look that will have timeless appeal. 

#2. Glorious Pastels

You could find bright pastel colors adorning kitchens and bathrooms in the 1950s, and that is a retro decorating trend that is coming back once again. You will find accessories in colors like pale yellow, coral, and sky blue that add depth to the dimensional hues found in these rooms. Even kitchen appliances are starting to adapt to this palette once again, giving you more options than white, black, or Stainless Steel.

Pair your pastels with neutral colors instead of the dark earth tones that were found in the past to create a look which feels light and comfortable. 

#3. Updated Modern

There are trends which sometimes go beyond what the expectations of its era happen to be. These elements get grouped into a generic category called “modern.” During the 1950s and 60s, furniture with sharper lines, curved features, and unique visual aesthetics came together in unique ways that are making the new items then become options that appreciate in value today. If you want to splurge into mid-century modern, look for one designer item that can serve as a centerpiece for the look you want.

#4. Futuristic Fixtures

If you grew up watching the Jetsons, then you might be disappointed about the fact that there aren’t any flying cars out there to drive just yet. We do have several lighting fixtures which try to replicate the designs found in past television shows and movies that are the perfect addition to any home. Look for new trends that push the envelope of design, like a new take on the Sputnik chandelier, to create a look that will immediately impress your visitors.

Interior decorating may follow cyclical trends, but it also works around your preferences. If you prefer a specific style that isn’t popular, then make it your own and use it today. There will come a time when what you use today will become the must-have items of tomorrow. 

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