How to Decorate from a Minimalist’s Point of View


When you begin to decorate for the holidays, it doesn’t take long to fill up every corner with some kind of decoration. You might throw a Christmas pillow over here, and then place a candelabra over there, and it ends up creating the look that feels forced instead of thought out.

That’s why using a minimalist approach to your decorating schemes can help your home feel festive for every season without feeling overwhelming. Here are some ways that you can begin to decorate in such a way.

#1. Use Decorative Bowls

A decorative bowl looks good on almost any surface. You can then replace the items that it contains whenever the seasons change. During the winter holiday season, you could fill it with pinecones and evergreen twigs. Later in the spring, it can become a place where you display the first cuttings of the year.

#2. Tall Glass Vase

A tall glass vase makes a wonderful impression on its own. It complements almost any décor without being oppressive or demanding. You could also use them to display the tall Spring branches that you want to bring indoors or the flowers that you cut in summer.

#3. Glass Hurricanes

If you want to make a smart investment for your decorating plans, then find some affordable clear glass hurricanes. These items turn simple pillar candles into works of art. You can then add seasonal touches whenever you want to create the perfect look at any time. They can even become an emergency lighting option if you suffer a power loss for some reason.

#4. Wire Baskets

Do not overestimate the power of a simple basket in your decorating plants. If you have a fireplace, then it becomes the perfect storage vessel for your firewood. In the fall, you can store your blankets in there for those times when you can snuggle. Put your beach towels in there during the summer. You can even use it as a catchall for your books and activities.

#5. Furniture Throws

You can spice up the look of your room by incorporating seasonal throws with the overall look. Aim to use neutrals during the summer months to create something welcoming and cozy. Incorporate elements of your favorite holidays during the winter. Use pastels in spring, then choose bright, festive colors in autumn to help your home celebrate the changes throughout the year with you.

#6. Serving Trays

If you don’t like the idea of using decorative bowls in your home, then try this option instead. It offers the same profile for decorating with a different visual pattern to consider. Instead of having the holder stand out, a tray will place emphasis on the decorations you choose to use. Try using silver or copper colors to catch the eye.

There are numerous ways that you can decorate your home for every season without going through a complete remodeling project each time. Use these minimalist ideas to your advantage to create the perfect look. 

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