8 Amazing Wood Interiors


There are some amazing architectural wonders in our world today. When these artists work with wood interiors as the primary focus of their creativity, then you can see how innovation is starting to evolve this industry.

These are the projects that you must see at least once before you die.

#1. Palace Cinema

This wood interior project features hundreds of falls timber slats. It creates an effect for the viewer that is similar to the subtle animations that you would see in a flipbook. Follow the corridor to your favorite movie that you want to see when visiting Shanghai, and you might just decide to sit and wait for the previews to end first to admire this craftsmanship.

#2. Human Slurp

This Chinese eatery wanted to create a fantastic wood interior which symbolizes the noodles that they serve. There are almost 100 curved oak veneer slats that make the small space feel much larger than it is.

#3. Pinterest

The San Francisco headquarters of Pinterest offers a large-scale wood interior that you don’t want to miss. It features oak paneling with micro-perforations to create a textured effect for the visitor. This design also dampens the sound in the expansive lobby while remaining quite beautiful as a low-maintenance option.

#4. Jacob’s Pillow

One of the unique aspects of a well-designed wood interior is that it creates unique harmonics. This school uses a combination of maple, pine, and Douglas fir to create a barn-like visual effect that promotes an authentic sound when music is played in the room. The facility uses the open-air space as a dance studio and performance center.

#5. Starbucks

You will find the world’s largest Starbucks location in Shanghai. They sell more than coffee here, featuring an 88-foot bar that offers a wide variety of their baked goods as well. What catches the eye are the 10,000 hexagon-shaped open near ceiling tiles that help to keep the sound levels down while creating an unparalleled warmth to the interior.

#6. Hyatt Global

The common area for the Chicago headquarters of this global hotel company features wooden slats on the ceiling to give the space an element of visual movement. Lights are interspersed throughout the design to provide natural lighting and warm hues while keeping to a minimal footprint.

#7. Urban Union

Wood was used to create a statement wall in this Seattle office building, fusing the stone and steel elements together with an impressive display. It provides the viewer with an impression of spontaneity that causes one’s gaze to move upward as you follow the design work along the ceiling.

#8. Elephant Parade

This stunning staircase creates the look of a sculpture as it guides guests up to another floor of the marketing company. The movement and flow it offers the interior are quite unique. 

Wood interiors create feelings of warmth and intimacy whether they are incorporated into your home or located in a skyscraper. These are just some of the examples which are currently the best in the world. What are some of your favorites? 

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