5 Façade Fails to Avoid with Your Home


One of the fastest ways to upgrade the curb appeal of your home is to renovate the exterior of your structure. 

The only problem with this effort is that if you take an unrealistic approach to the upgrade, you can actually cause the value of your home to decrease.

There are simple exterior modifications you can make that will breathe new life into your home. There is a fine line between simple and suffocating that can lead to some common fails. If you’re thinking about taking on a project like this, then these are the mistakes that you will want to avoid making.

#1. You are always updating with the trends.

The problem that homeowners face when updating a façade is that specific construction materials sometimes need frequent updating. If you have a brick home that was in the Cape Cod style, but painted a trendy color, then you will have to keep painting it each year to maintain your look.

#2. You gave the exterior multiple fonts.

Imagine reading a blog post where every sentence was published in a different font. That’s the effect that some façades offer when each wall is given a different cladding, pattern, or color. When you have more than two exterior surfaces as part of your curb appeal, it will make your home look chaotic and busy.

#3. You installed a transom window.

Transom windows are placed directly above your front door. When they are given a proper design, then it offers a proportional look which complements the exterior appeal of the structure. It used to be a look that was coveted, but now it is dating your home. Consider installing a portico to separate the two components to freshen up the look.

#4. You don’t give your dormers any love.

Dormers are the windows which just out from the roof. It helps to break up the look of your roofline while offering natural light to the room in question. If they are too large, then their size can make the structure look bulky. When they are too small, then it makes the exterior look awkward. Make sure you give the windows and siding the same amount of love that you give the rest of the home to ensure it contributes to your curb appeal.

#5. You have columns for no reason.

The original purpose of a column was to hold something up. If this element is incorporated into the design of your home, then it should at least give the visual appearance that it could do that job if asked. If a column is too short or thin, then it will make the house look like it is unstable. Inappropriate designs might make the house look too grandiose, cartoonish, or even worse.

There are plenty of ways that you can improve the curb appeal of your home without a significant remodeling project. Avoid these mistakes to ensure that you can get the best possible results from your efforts. 

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