How Much Should an Interior Designer Cost?

Have you ever thought about hiring an interior designer to help create the perfect look for your home or space? There are several advantages and disadvantages to think about, but the most crucial element for the average homeowner is cost. Most interior designers will charge by the hour, but not all of them.

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How to Survive a Kitchen Remodeling Project

If your kitchen needs to go through a remodeling project to serve your current and future needs, then surviving that process can be a challenge. Even a small renovation can create a crazy, expensive experience. If you’re eating at a restaurant each night, then you can quickly go through your remodeling budget.

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Biggest Time Consumers During a Remodeling Project

Although a remodeling project would stick to its budget and schedule in a perfect world, we do not live in such a place. These renovations can become time-consuming monsters. Even if you decide to paint a room on your own or hire a team to rework your space, the and the time commitments involved always seem extensive.

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of renovations are for design purposes
of renovations are done by hired contractors
of homeowners plan on renovating
of renovations are done by homeowners in their 30s

Bringing Culture To Your Home

From retro looks to vintage decor.

Minimilast Design

Furniture Throws

You can spice up the look of your room by incorporating seasonal throws with the overall look. Aim to use neutrals during the summer months to create something welcoming and cozy. Incorporate elements of your favorite holidays during the winter. Use pastels in spring, then choose bright, festive colors in autumn to help your home celebrate the changes throughout the year with you.

Tall Glass Vases

A tall glass vase makes a wonderful impression on its own. It complements almost any décor without being oppressive or demanding. You could also use them to display the tall Spring branches that you want to bring indoors or the flowers that you cut in summer.


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